Statera Energy was founded in 2015 - we are a developer, owner and operator of flexible and renewable infrastructure in the UK.

Our vision

As we continue the transition towards a low carbon economy, renewable energy is ever more prominent as the lowest cost form of energy generation for consumers. At the same time, renewable energy is helping to ensure security of electricity supply for the United Kingdom while providing a cleaner, greener outlook for future generations.

Why we exist

The amount of renewable energy generation forecast to be installed in the UK by 2030 means a transformational shift in how the grid operates.

What we do

We build, own and operate flexible energy infrastructure that solves the issues of balancing grid supply and demand.

How we're doing it

The projects we deliver are aiming to decarbonise the electricity system, while ensuring greater energy security.

The development

Statera Energy is seeking planning permission to develop a battery energy storage system (BESS) on arable land to the south-east of the existing East Claydon National Grid substation, between the villages of Granborough and East Claydon.

The battery development will span approximately 10.75 hectares. An additional 15.49 hectares will be established for landscape and biodiversity enhancement, this represents over 59% of the total site area. Our battery systems are designed to deliver an efficient and reliable service that can adapt to various energy market conditions. The BESS we develop can provide super-fast, sub second responses to demand and generation changes on the grid.

As renewable energy generation increases, BESS are becoming an increasingly important tool to provide services to the grid and to large scale electricity users. Deploying batteries at this large scale can only be done next to existing National Grid substations.